Broker Referral Program

Dear users:
ZKE launched the agent invitation rebate program! Referees can receive a permanent commission of up to 50%! And the new users recommended by the recommender can also get 20% permanent commission reward! Opinion leaders, KOLs, content creators, community leaders, event organizers or any other individuals/organizations that can drive traffic to ZKE.COM are welcome to join our ZKE Broker rebate program.
The booster Program:
To promote our Broker Rebate program, ZKE launched The Booster Program. All users who meet the upgrade criteria during the campaign can apply for a direct upgrade from the default Silver to Booster, which gives them the same treatment as the highest level of Dianmond during the campaign.
The requirements to upgrade to booster : the number of valid users reaches 10+, and the total transaction volume of invitees reaches 10M per month.